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BARCO Tree Ring Planters

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A solution to an age old problem. Back breaking weed pulling and string trimming that damages the base of trees and landscape decorations. Up until now the only way to safely keep grass and weeds away from these objects was to get down on your hands and knees and pull and manicure the base by hand, not anymore. With BARCO's Tree Ring Planters, these methods are a thing of the past.

While being a very attractive addition to your landscape, there are many benefits for healthy plants. The planter rings give you a perfect circle, every time, and will retain their shape for many years.

The benefits are:
  • Retain moisture
  • Prevents weeds
  • Holds mulch and decorative stone in place
  • Keeps nutrients from washing out
  • Promotes beneficial earthworms and micro organisms
  • Protects items from string trimmers and lawn mowers
  • Low profile allows mowers to pass over the edge without damage
  • And most of all, very easy to install

The weed barrier fabric stops weeds and grass from rearing their ugly heads in your garden and has a natural color that blends well with mulch. The new edging design secures without releasing from the soil due to freezing and thawing or lawn mower damage.

The planter rings are also excellent for installs of irrigation and lighting that makes it easy to get professional results. These planter rings also make attractive, decorative planters for a nice accent in any landscape. The planter rings are available in 2', 4', and 6' foot diameters.

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