BARCO Construction and Design

Riverfront Deck

The client that this deck was built for requested a deck that was approx. 20'x58' and built on a 60° slope that would tie into the existing round rock look-out. We came up with this design to flow with the curves of the river and the existing concrete look-out.

The deck is two tier with the upper deck shielding the lower deck from wind. The lower deck has a bench that is built into the face of the curve of the upper deck and has a stone circular fire pit that is approx 5' in diameter. Stairs leading to the river wind down the slope to miss the trees from the lower deck. Compound curves were required in the stair stringers and hand rails to keep the hand rails flat while they curved and dropped down the slope, this was a real challenge.

The upper deck was built around existing trees which were not harmed during the construction of the deck. Custom lighting was installed beneath the upper deck, washing the trees with light. A hand rail was designed and built around the edge following the curves of the deck. There is a 20' distance from the highest point of the deck to ground below. The deck is wrapped in treated wood lattice and is supported on a framing of 6"x6" posts.