BARCO Construction and Design

Log Cabin Renovation

This cabin was part of a businessman's paradise built in the early '40's along the beautiful Current River. This particular cabin was the gambling cabin. It had no plumbing, just one large room, with a fireplace at one end. The owner wanted it updated in usefulness without looking like an addition.

We first poured a retaining wall and capped with a slab for both the addition and patio area. The addition was done with 2"x6" framing and was sheeted with 1/2" plywood. We then house wrapped it and veneered with pine logs purchased from a local sawmill. The method of installation was to split the logs in half lengthwise, leaving the ends full for the corners of the cabin. The logs were interlaced, with diamond lath nailed between them. We then filled between the logs with a mortar mix.The addition tied in with the existing finish beautifully.

The deck area used cedar logs for the support posts, and wrought iron hand rails, mortised into the cedar logs for the effect of the rails running through, were added. The deck offers a gorgeous view of the Current River. Local sandstone was used to face the retaining wall.

The addition included one bedroom, one full bath/laundry room. The existing cabin was divided into a kitchen and living room with a bar cabinet dividing the two. The interior was finished in #2 pine 6" T&G with the cabinets finished in 3" T&G. The cabinets come complete with pullout shelves. In the existing cabin the ceiling was refinished and brought a beautiful warm feeling to the room.